So, what did you do at the weekend? 1.

Weekend of Sat 9th & Sun 10th Oct 2010

Bronwen: So, what did you do at the weekend, Florian?

Florian: I went to Bordeaux to surf the mascaret

Bronwen: Sorry? You went to Bordeaux to do what?

Florian: To surf the MASCARET

Bronwen: What’s that?

Florian: It’s a special wave in the river which comes every month for 2 or 3 days, twice a day and you can surf on it for 4 or 5 minutes. This month it was on Saturday and Sunday.

Bronwen: Hang on – are you telling me that you went surfing in a river?

Florian: Yes, in the river Dordogne.

Bronwen: How is that possible?

Florian: It’s a tidal phenomenon which happens once a month. It happens when the water is shallow in the river combined with a high tide. I filmed it – I’ll send it to you, if you like.

And here is Florian’s film which he took while on a surfboard on the river travelling at about 30Km/hour.

Bronwen: That’s amazing, but the water looks really filthy!

Florian: The water is brown due to the earth from the river bed.

Bronwen: What happened at the end? Did you fall in?

Florian: Yes, you have to fall in the water to stop yourself, otherwise there will be a very long swim or walk back up the river to the car park.

Bronwen: So, are you going to do it again?

Florian: Yes, in fact I’ll probably go again next month.

Bronwen: Thank you, Florian, for telling us about your weekend.